Best Inspirational Books for Teachers

Books for Teachers

It’s time for the professional development of teachers. Books will help you master teaching techniques, improve your communication skills with children and adolescents. Moreover, you’ll recharge your enthusiasm for working in the classroom. 

Our selection of inspirational books for teachers includes novels about the school, memoirs, popular science literature on psychology, books on pedagogy from famous teachers. You will find answers to questions that constantly arise in the practice of any teacher. 

Finnish education: how the world’s best schools work, Timothy Walker

The Finnish education system has led the world in terms of efficiency for two decades in a row. Schoolchildren in Finland choose their own classes and show excellent results. And teachers cooperate with each other, do not experience overload, and are satisfied with their work. 

  • The author is an American teacher Timothy Walker, who worked for two years at a school in Helsinki. 
  • He spoke in detail about his experience, compared the Finnish school with the American one.
  • He drew 33 strategies on which the success of education in Finland is based. 
  • Walker provides a lot of practical advice on how to deal with burnout, ensure classroom changes, and present material.

Sharp Mind by Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck is an American psychologist and researcher of motivation, the author of the famous scientific monograph “Flexible Mind”. It received the title of Book of the Year from the International Federation of Education.

  • Dweck has researched the relationship between learning ability and thinking habits for 20 years. 
  • She came to an important discovery in the field of psychology: belief in one’s own fixed innate talents inhibits human development. 
  • Confidence in success as a result of hard work, on the contrary, contributes to great achievements. 

The main idea of ​​the book is that thinking can be made more flexible. You will learn how to change attitudes not only for yourself but also for other people. It will be useful to everyone, especially teachers.

The Emotional Intelligence of a Child by Joanne Decler, John Gottman

One of the best American family psychologists, John Gottman, co-authored with Joan Dekler, has written a brilliant popular science book. It is on the psychology of children’s emotions.

  • The authors talk about how a child’s emotional intelligence develops, what educational methods help to strengthen or destroy it. 
  • How to understand the feelings of children and what language to talk about them. The book was written by scientists.
  • Each statement is backed up by links to research and scientific evidence. 
  • Teachers will find it helpful to test their learning style and emotional awareness with specific tests.

The Art of Explaining by Lee LeFever

Lee LeFever is the chief specialist of an American company for the creation of educational videos. It turns out that talking about difficult things so that a person can understand without preparation is not a talent. It is a skill that can be developed. 

The author teaches you how to plan your story, pack the material well and present it correctly. The book will help teachers answer difficult questions from students.