Top Inspirational Books for College Students

Books for College Students

Student time is the best time to learn new skills and take the first steps into “adult” life. We have collected the best inspirational books for college students.

Procrastination, motivation, discipline. There are moments when exhaustion and emptiness come into your life. When the hands are lowered, and there is only enough strength for lying on the sofa. Therefore, we suggest not to waste this time in vain, but to read useful literature. After all, as you know, a good book is a way to cure any emotional illness.

Gary Keller and Jay Papazian “One simple rule of phenomenal success”

The book is about how some people manage to reach incredible heights and turn the object of their passion into the work of a lifetime. According to entrepreneur and writer Gary Keller, there is one thing that distinguishes these people from the rest.

  • It is the ability not only to clearly see their life purpose but also to make sure that every decision they make takes them to their final point. 
  • No matter what is happening around you, you must not deviate from the path.
  • But even more important than confidently moving forward is determining what you really want. 

In their book, Gary Keller and Jay Papazian teach you both. To not only set a goal correctly but also to overcome the barriers that will inevitably arise on the way to achieving it.

Meg Jay “Important years. Why you shouldn’t put off life for later”

The ages between twenty and thirty are often considered “real” adult life, but only its trial top. It seems that there is an eternity ahead and there is no need to worry about anything, there is still time to correct any mistake.

  • Dr. Mag Jay is a psychotherapist and professor of clinical psychology at the University of Virginia. 
  • He believes this is the most important decade in a person’s life. This is the conclusion she came from working with hundreds of students and clients. 
  • What you do and – most importantly – what you do between the ages of twenty and thirty can determine 80% of the most important events that happen to us during this period. 

Based on scientific research and stories from real people, Mag Jay explains how to avoid the most common mistakes. “I am accused,” she writes, “that my clients (and the readers of this book) are not intimidated by difficult questions. Rather, they are afraid that no one asks them. “

We are constantly looking for a goal, we feel insecure in our own strengths and are afraid to master new, so far unknown areas. After reading the books below, you will not become rich in a moment and will not start to do everything like magic. But they will certainly help in your search for answers to the eternal questions: “Will I be able to? Is it too late for me to start? What do I really want from life? “